Cerveza Capitan – Mixed

Cerveza Capitan – Córdoba


Here is a awesome line up the blue bottle is a IPA and the yellow a Blonde ale and the two others were prototypes of beers which are brewed and pretty much craft ales brewed then aged like wine! The IPA and Golden are simply amazing – we recently had a craft ale fair in torremolinos and they had the captain on draught and it just blew me away!! If you can get your hands on this ale GET SOME you will love it!

It will be interesting to see what they do with the prototypes they were just something in themselves – I saved these and tried them with a steak lunch and they fully complimented this. Very full bodied and full flavored.

the ipa weighs in at 6% and the blond a surprising 6.2%!!

I love this beer!


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