Not just a new website but we are back distributing beer on the coast!! We have kicked back in with three different quality craft ales and the one with the most selection is Segral Brewing…..

Wheat 🌾 Beer

Produced locally by the excellent Segral Brewing in Almuñécar, a testament to our community’s rich brewing heritage.
Bohemian is a reddish-colored Amber Ale delightfully balanced with a malty flavor, soft bitterness, and medium body. Segral’s use of toasted malts gives it subtle hints of freshly baked bread and caramel.
Prepare for a taste of paradise with Sexitana, an India Pale Ale that’s as visually stunning and flavorful. Its dark golden hue is a sight to behold, and its high hop content and aromatic profile create a sensory experience. You’ll be captivated by the hints of tropical fruits like mango and passion fruit that beautifully balance the bitterness, leaving a refreshing aftertaste.
Last but certainly not least, we present Seductive, an award-winning stout that earned the prestigious Gold Medal at the 2022 Mediterranean Cup. This is not just a testament to its exceptional quality but a guarantee that you’re about to experience a stout like no other. Its rich dark brown color hints at the complex flavors of toasted, roasted, and caramelized malt, with coffee and bitter cocoa nuances that add depth to its taste.

Fresh IPA

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We can supply your bar, hotel or restaurant with amazing beers! Plus we offer free local delivery!

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